Ray Lyle Shows He Deserves Attention On New Tape “ExtroVERT”


The more I get in tune with the Denver hip hop scene, the more I realize just how dope it is. Ray Lyle is the latest artist to catch my attention and his new project ExtroVERT is a showcase of his skill and catchy sound. From excellent production to timely diction and ear catching vocals, there isn’t a moment on the entire project that is sub-par and there are some elevating highs throughout the whole tape, especially tracks like Needs To Be and Stay Winnin’/All Of It. Lyle does a great job of putting together a cohesive vibe and ExtroVERT is one of those tapes that is simply easy to listen to; there are no wildly abrasive sounds to interrupt the smoothness Lyle brings to the table. While he may have been off our radar up until this point, we’ll definitely be tuning into everything Lyle drops from here on out and expect him to continue to grow into one of Denver’s best rappers. Listen to the entirety of ExtroVERT below.

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