Get To Know TightFist, A Paris-Living, Denver-Managed Upcoming Rapper

Joints & Jawns

Hip hop is a global game these days which means talent can be hidden around any corner. It could even present itself in the form of an Uber drive. That’s how I got introduced to the Denver-managed, Paris-living, Ghanaian-born artist TightFist and his story caught my interest just as much as his catchy music. From learning that he was a promising soccer star to hearing his track Guidance crack Spotify’s iTunes US Top 100 Playlist, TightFist has had an arduous journey through injuries and uncertainties and it looks like he’s about to come out on top. While things are looking up, it wasn’t always that way.

TightFist first started writing music in his teenage years, primarily beginning when he was 14 or 15. His name itself has some clever meaning behind it; the Tight aspect is in reference to his impeccable flows and Fist implies he is a fighter who never gives up. That name truly embodies the passion TightFist brings to his music and life, evidenced by his uplifting songs and impressive skillset which lead him to being a professional soccer player and a rising hip hop/afrobeats star. His fighting spirit was on full display starting in November 2017 when the burgeoning artist was admitted to a hospital in Germany (where he lived in pursuit of his soccer career) for a near fatal lung infection. He was later transferred to Paris for treatment, but while in Germany doctors thought he would lose his lung and told him even if he did live, he would be handicapped for the rest of his potential career. While most people would feel downtrodden and give up at this news, TightFist used the 6 months he was hospitalized to re-evaluate his life and focus on writing songs.

The result? His biggest hit yet. TightFist first started writing Guidance about four months into his hospital stay and finished it only days before his release. Brimming with positivity and nearly tangible ambition, the smooth, versatile, afrobeats/R&B infused track was clearly a hit even after only one listen. While the talent was obvious, getting the music to the masses was the next— and hardest— task.


There are a plethora of artists who make good music but don’t get recognized and TightFist and his team, comprised of family members from across the globe, wanted to make sure he didn’t suffer the same fate. With no label or big name sponsors to push his music, it was up to his team to get his music out to the right people. From Denver to Ghana, TightFist’s friends and family started playing his music every chance they got; and it worked. His song Guidance has surpassed 10,000 views on YouTube and found its way to a big Spotify playlist; media companies in Colorado are practically beating down the door to get access to him, and this is just the beginning. With plans in place to take full advantage of his newfound hit, TightFist and the people supporting him look like they have a long journey ahead of them, but it hopefully ends where they want: the top of the game.

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