Ohio Based Milligram Calls On Doobie For “Ain’t The One”

People are making music all across the country and Milligram and Doobie show what Ohio is made of on Ain't The One. Featuring a bouncy beat and a somewhat brooding hook, Ain't The One features some nice verses and flows and a very solid feature from Doobie. We'll be on the lookout for more from these Ohio rappers in the future. Listen to Ain't The One below.

Listen to Vwillz’ Song “new phone freestyle” and See Why He’s One of Colorado’s Brightest Newcomers

Vwillz has been on our radar for a little bit at this point and he has stayed remarkably consistent since we discovered him. His latest track, new phone freestyle, is short but undeniably dope as he comes through with soft yet catchy vocals over a catchy beat from Jlaker. Sometimes songs under two minutes are my favorite just because of how many times they make me hit replay. Listen to new phone freestyle below and be on the lookout for more from Vwillz.

Boston’s Reedus 3M Brings Some Heat With “Tethered”

Talent can be found all across the country and Boston's Reedus 3M shows that Bean Town has some hidden heat. His latest track, Tethered features some excellent production that starts off slow but builds into a catchy, head boppin' vibe. Reedus takes advantage of the solid beat with some equally impressive flows and verses. Listen to Tethered below and get in tune with this up and coming Boston rapper.

Doobie Danx Stays Consistently Dope With New Song “Dime”

I always get hyped when Doobie Danx drops a new track because I don't think he's dropped a bad song yet. His latest effort, Dime, is another example of the dope music he makes. Smooth harmonies, solid flows, and catchy production all come to play on this one and combine for one of the dopest songs to come out of the Mile High City this month. If Doobie can stay this consistent, it looks like he'll be one of Denver's premier artists. Check out Dime below.

Roc Nation’s Q Da Fool Speaks On Tour Life, ‘Bad Influence’ and More

The white floors glistened as clearly affluent guests wandered from the entrance of the hotel up to their rooms. Before even meeting him, one thing was clear; Q Da Fool has reached another level. While only 20 years old, the DMV artist already has accomplishments under his belt that many vets in the game have yet to achieve. From signing to Roc Nation to performing on a nationwide tour with Shoreline Mafia, Q has been making a name for himself thanks to his raw and real musical style and aesthetic.

Catch The Vibes With Granola’s New Track Titled Sojourn

If there’s one thing the city of Denver isn’t short of, and that’s musical geniuses. Day after day, new artists pop up on our radar and you best believe Granola caught our attention. With an infectious melody that keeps you moving, and the wavy wordplay that brings you back to those late summer nights riding around town, Granola is someone to watch closely in 2019.

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