Joints & Jawns Artist Profiles: Learn About This Colorado Event Series

If there's one thing we're certain of at JIGGY Hip Hop, it's that Denver rap is on the rise. While there are a variety of reasons for this happening, one big thing is the local scene putting together shows that highlight Mile High City artists, showing just how much talent is in the city. Joints & Jawns is one of these shows -- actually a series of them -- and has helped showcase dozens of up and coming artists that are trying to make names for themselves in the city. From bigger names such as AP to talented but less well known artists like Myell Westcoast, the concert series has unearthed some real musical gems and we're looking forward to seeing who else they have in store for future events. Learn a little bit more about all 27 artists that came out for the 3 day event below and be sure to get ready for the next Joints & Jawns show.

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