Mxlcxlm Z Sets High Expectations For New Tape “Reaping SZN” At Listening Party

Everyone should get ready for Mxlcxlm Z. The Denver based MC blesses the city this past weekend with a preview of his upcoming tape Reaping SZN and the event he put on was one of the most authentic I’ve ever been to. Taking place at the Syntax Physic Opera, the listening party immediately had that home grown vibe thanks to the funky yet sophisticated atmosphere in the venue and Mxlcxlm brought that feeling to life through performances from himself and a cast of other local musicians.

Lil Seltrah Stays Hot With New Tape “Holographic”

Consistency is an important aspect to being a hip hop artist these days thanks to the fast paced nature of streaming services and some artists simply can't keep up. Lil Seltrah doesn't have that problem as evidenced by him dropping four albums within the past year alone.

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