SIDMFKID Interview: Denver’s Next Big Hip Hop Artist


We got the chance to sit down with one of Denver’s best up and coming artists on the hip hop scene and asked him about growing up in Indianapolis, why Denver is on the come up, and what we can expect from him going forward. From his passion to his work ethic, it’s clear SIDMFKID is pursuing greatness and that big things are coming in 2018.

It became clear almost immediately after walking into the room that Sid is focused on doing things the right way. His mindset was focused and he was ready to tell his story. Growing up in the Midwest was an interesting experience for Sid, but he knew it wasn’t what he was looking for long term. There was a more conservative mentality and it felt like people wanted the traditional things: a house, white picket fence, kids and a decent job. This wasn’t ideal for Sid, who was future oriented and forward thinking, so after being raised in Indianapolis and seeing what the Midwestern mentality brought to the table, he decided to branch out and make a name for himself in the Mile High City.


“I Wanted To See That Growth… I Knew There Was a Limit To What I Could Reach [in Indianaplolis]”


His ascent on the Denver scene has been rapid since his arrival in early 2016 thanks to his intense work ethic and his ability to make the right connections, including linking up with Denver mainstays Future Heroes who gave him the opportunity he needed to become the artist he is today. Things have taken off in the past few years, resulting in multiple shows including a sold out set at The Roxy as a part of Young God Fest Vol. II. While his success has been evident, it hasn’t been easy and Sid makes it clear that one of the biggest reasons for his triumphs is his risk taking, all or nothing mentality.


“You Gotta Take Risks… I Can’t Stress That Enough”


“The reason why I’ve seen such amazing growth is that I’ve taken way more L’s than everybody else.” With that quote it became clear where Sid’s mind is at: win at all costs and hurdle any trial that comes along the way. He mentions that not every project will be successful, but long term failure isn’t an option for Sid. He really puts everything on the line in make-or-break ways that force success, even mentioning that he puts himself in positions where “if this shit doesn’t pay off, you’re fucked,” but he lives for that pressure, and other people are starting to pay attention.



One of those people is Trev Rich. The Denver native is signed to Cash Money and is easily one of the most recognized artists in the city, which is why it was a big deal when Sid hit the studio with him. Both their work ethics seemed to just click on that first meeting, culminating in seven (currently) unreleased tracks that could be the beginnings of a fruitful partnership for both artists. It’s moves like these that are solidifying Sid’s spot at the top of Denver’s bright hip hop future, and he makes it clear this is just the tip of the iceberg.


If there was a hip hop artist stock market, now would be a good time to buy into SIDMFKID. As Denver’s hip hop scene continues to grow, Sid will undoubtedly be one of its biggest artists and we’re very excited to see what the rest of the year has in store. Make sure to keep up with Sid via Twitter and be on the lookout for more music from him soon!



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