The Conglomerates Music Showcase Preview: Taurean, Paul Junior, Reiko Santana, Diesel P and More


The hip hop scene in Colorado is starting to build its community and events like tonight’s The Conglomerates Music Showcase are a big reason why. Highlighting the artists who are working hard to put the Box State on the map is an important aspect to growing the scene and there are some very talented artists to get to know. Learn more about the artists performing tonight below.

Paul Junior


Providing the Mile High City with some pop/R&B flavor, Paul Junior is proof of the diverse talent to be found in the city. His most recent project, Santa Fe Drive, is full of excellent vocals and ballads like Come On showcase Junior’s ability to sing with authority while still having a strong presence on the mic. Thanks to his polished sound, hometown roots, and clear skill, it looks like Junior will be a figure on the Denver music scene for the forseeable future.



Taurean is a Denver artist on the rise thanks to creative flows and production choices, especially on songs like FWU and Scary Hours. With his clear talent and strong work ethic, Taurean’s already impressive music is sure to continue progressing and he isn’t alone in his pursuit of greatness. Part of the NDE (Nobody Does Everything) crew, it  looks like Taurean is poised to be part of the growing wave of strong Mile High hip hop thanks to his collaborative spirit.

Diesel P


Part of the hip hop duo DPMT, Diesel P brings smooth flows and laid back, old school inspired sounds to his consistently high quality music. With an updated, modern boom bap aesthetic, Diesel P shows that there is some hidden talent in Denver that deserves more attention. While nearly every track he’s dropped is solid, The Greatest Story Ever Told and So Persuasive are particularly solid songs that are worth listening to.

Hoss LB Grind


It’s easy to turn up when LB Grind is playing. His uptempo, party friendly music is all about energy and having a good time, with his tracks Beatin and Scrooge McDuck being good examples of what he has to offer. With regular performances across the state, expect to be hearing more and more about LB Grind as he makes his presence felt.



All about symbolic lyrics and ideas, Natvson brings thought provoking themes to his music. This thoughtfulness combined with his uplifting nature makes Natvson an interesting artist who looks like he’s going to be an active member of Denver’s ascending hip hop community.

Quicc Savage


High tempo gangsta rap is easy to find when listening to Quicc Savage and his aggressive flow and blistering vocals make him hard to miss. That’s not to say Savage is a one dimensional artist, with his track Pluggin’ being proof he can switch things up and drop catchy, easy flowing songs to go along with his harder hitting tracks.

Reiko Santana


The Mountain West’s underground hip hop scene is bustling and artists like Reiko Santana are a big reason why. The Colorado Springs rapper knows how to make catchy music and has shown he can also drop high quality, professional visuals that have the potential to bring him to the next level. This catchiness combined with solid videos and an impressive flow are signs that things are only looking up for Santana as he continues to grow his following.

Lil M


High energy music and banging beats are hallmarks for Lil M, which are especially evident on his song C Walk. His hard hitting, confident style and consistently intense sound have helped Lil M make a name for himself in Colorado and stand out amongst the crowd. If you’re looking for some true gangsta rap, Lil M is a Box State artist you definitely need to check out.


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