50+ Best Denver Hip Hop Artists/Rappers

Doobie Newton


One of the most talented artists to come out of Denver, Doobie Newton has proven he can take his sound across the country and find success. His catchy sound and ability to spit over a variety of beats sets him apart from the crowd and his SoundCloud is full of solid tracks.

Kent Washington

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Hip hop can be a difficult business to become successful in but Kent Washington hasn’t had a problem with that. The Colorado Springs MC/organizer has rubbed elbows with some of the game’s biggest acts including Jhene Aiko, Wifisfuneral, Flatbush Zombies, and Wacka Flocka Flame among others. With his strong connections and skill as an MC, Washington in poised to be a prominent name on the Colorado hip hop scene in a variety of capacities.

Keenan Trevon

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When it comes to Colorado artists who have mainstream appeal, Keenan TreVon has to be near the top of the list. With bouncy production, melodic vocals, and catchy flows, TreVon has proven he has all the necessary components to be one of the state’s biggest names. With a dope project under his belt already, we’re excited to see what else TreVon has in store in the future.

Shaad The Writer

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There are quite a few R&B inspired artists in Colorado but SHAAD THE WRITER manages to set himself apart with his strong combination of melodies and flow. With nearly every song he’s dropped being a solid display of his skill, SHAAD has shown he has the potential to be one of the most sought after artists in the state. While his solo material is some of the best in the state, it’s also dope hearing him collaborate with other artists and make his presence felt alongside other talented artists.

Avenue Grim


Avenue Grim has been putting in work and it’s starting to pay off. The Denver MC has shown he has some serious skill with tracks like Sundress Season standing out in particular. Lookout for Grim as he keeps dropping solid music.

Ray Reed

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Ray Reed is one of Denver’s most prolific rappers and has managed to grow a vibrant fanbase in the Mile High City thanks to his consistent performances and musical releases. Reed may even take a place among Denver hip hop’s Mount Rushmore and while he’s opened up for some of the game’s biggest acts, he also is one of the few Denver artists to headline his own show, proving he has the sound and style to take him far beyond the city’s limits.

BMG Show


The Denver scene is a lot more crowded than people think but BMG Show is one of those artists you know is dope after just one listen. BMG is not only focusing on his own success though and has been a big hand in helping grow the city’s hip hop scene with initiatives such as #DenverTwitter on Twitter gaining traction.

Keem Veggies

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Even though he might be a newer artist to the scene, Keem Veggies has shown he has the skill to stick around for quite a while. The Denver MC has dropped multiple projects full of solid production, laid back flows, and catchy melodies. We expect Veggies to continue making himself known through his music and consistent presence.

Sun Dolce

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He may have only one project out, but Sun Dolce has already shown he has a variety of sounds in his arsenal. From banging beats and aggressive flows to sing songy, melodic tracks, Dolce likes to explore the musical landscape and he does a pretty good job of doing each sound justice. While this eclectic skillset is impressive, he may shine brightest on those melodic tracks that showcase his vocal ability.



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Only a handful of artists are as collaboratively minded as Nofacevalue. While he’s a skilled MC in his own right, the Denver artist has shown he wants the city as a whole to succeed and he’s more than happy to come along for the ride. Community minded individuals are necessary to the growing hip hop scene and people like Nofacevalue are an important part of everyone’s success. On top of this altruistic spirit the Denver MC makes some of the most unique music to be found anywhere and it’s hard to find any other artist that sounds similar.


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15 thoughts on “50+ Best Denver Hip Hop Artists/Rappers

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  1. Raw Rap Relationship or TripleRRR.
    Crazy duo from CO. Best live performance in the state high energy and lyrics are off the charts


  2. Fuck y’all list. No Interstate Ike? You go 5-6 dudes on here that pay for advertising and marketing? GTFOH. Secondly-TO ALL WHITE RAPPERS. You can never express not understand the pain of being black so stop this 2Pac caricature bullshit.
    Thirdly- No G6? And you got motherfuckers on here got 1 or 2 songs on Spotify, Tidal, etc with fake streams and all friend fan bases. This is why Colorado has Whoop There it Is! as I crowning Hip-Hop achievement. People like this who write this garbage and artist on this list that aren’t authentic. Whatever happened to being dope? Or just being a musician or someone with a new concept to bring in to our lives? Fuck this fugazi-ass white boy based perspective, rmeat a dick from J.Megatron


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