50+ Best Denver Hip Hop Artists/Rappers

Lil Seltrah

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Even though he’s not a longtime Denver native, Lil Seltrah has dedicated himself to the Colorado hip hop scene and it’s dope seeing fresh faces become so invested. His melodic, personal music is relatable and catchy, showing Seltrah has the skill to be a regular face in the Mile High City.


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Luvsick, formerly known as Smokey Bear, has redefined his aesthetic and style and has started dropping some of his best music to date. With introspective, personal lyrics and melancholy production to match, Luvsick clearly has the songwriting and MCing chops to be one of the most well known artists in the Box State. We’re looking forward to hearing more music from him as he grows into his Luvsick persona.


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An artist who has been a big reason for Denver’s consistent hip hop scene, MikeMinded has shown he’s dedicated to improving Mile High City music. His persistence and continuous output has made MikeMinded one of the city’s OG rappers and he’s definitely a name to pay attention to as the scene continues to explode.

Slut Mob Villains

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While there may be a handful of prominent hi phop groups in the city, Slut Mob Villains might have the brightest future out of all of them. This super group has some serious chemistry as exampled by multiple tapes and lively performances that get the crowd engaged and hyped, making each show they do a must see event. With a dedicated fanbase and the talent to succeed, we expect big things from Slut Mob Villains.


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The hip hop scene in Denver can be difficult to locate at times, but once you find it, U.T.I.C.A. is one of the first names to come up. This talented MC creates focused, vibrant music that is sure to cement his spot in Denver as one of the city’s best artists. Catching him live is a worthwhile endeavor as well because he consistently performs unreleased tracks to his live audiences, creating a relationship with his fanbase that is strong and unique.

Jay Triiiple

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Denver’s hip hop scene may not have much national recognition but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a robust community and artists like Jay Triiiple have been holding it down for quite some time. Representing the Mile High City more than nearly any other artist, Triiiple has been one of the most consistent mcs in the whole state and has collaborated with some of our other favorites such as Connor Ray and Wic Jones. Jay Triiiple is a name to keep in mind as Denver ascends into new air.



Doze may have been a little quiet recently but it looks like he’s about to start picking things up again and that’s very good news for hip hop fans. Doze’s music is full of authenticity and personality, making it fun but interesting to listen to everything he drops.

Lil Perc


Lil Perc is all about polished production and catchy vocals. Almost every song he’s released has highlighted his singing ability and it’s hard to ignore his melodic talent. While he hasn’t dropped a whole lot of music yet, it’s obvious he has the skill to be a well known name in Colorado.


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Wise Beyond Knowing (WiSE) is one of those duos where the chemistry and talent is undeniable. From the first listen, it’s clear their vision is strong and they aren’t just making music to make music; they also want people to get their minds working. These two talented artists are about to take Denver by storm and we’re excited for their future music.


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15 thoughts on “50+ Best Denver Hip Hop Artists/Rappers

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  1. Raw Rap Relationship or TripleRRR.
    Crazy duo from CO. Best live performance in the state high energy and lyrics are off the charts


  2. Fuck y’all list. No Interstate Ike? You go 5-6 dudes on here that pay for advertising and marketing? GTFOH. Secondly-TO ALL WHITE RAPPERS. You can never express not understand the pain of being black so stop this 2Pac caricature bullshit.
    Thirdly- No G6? And you got motherfuckers on here got 1 or 2 songs on Spotify, Tidal, etc with fake streams and all friend fan bases. This is why Colorado has Whoop There it Is! as I crowning Hip-Hop achievement. People like this who write this garbage and artist on this list that aren’t authentic. Whatever happened to being dope? Or just being a musician or someone with a new concept to bring in to our lives? Fuck this fugazi-ass white boy based perspective, rmeat a dick from J.Megatron


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