50+ Best Denver Hip Hop Artists/Rappers


When it comes to music in Denver, hip hop has often taken a back seat to genres such as EDM and rock, but the city’s changing demographics and influx of creative spirit is helping shift the musical landscape as well. In order to reflect the immense amount of talent in Denver (and all of Colorado) we put together a list of 50+ Box State hip hop artists who all bring something dope to the table. While you may not have heard of these names before, we think you’ll be seeing them around more and more as the burgeoning rap scene progresses.

While this list is the best snapshot of Colorado hip hop to date, it’s not the end-all-be-all and we definitely recognize we could have missed some artists. If we missed anyone let us know!

Check out all 50+ artists and our 70 song playlist with everyone featured below.

This list is not in any particular order.

50+ Best Denver Hip Hop Artists/Rappers Playlist

Aux Dior

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Aux Dior is possibly Denver’s most exciting new hip hop artist. With some of the catchiest melodies, diction, and overall sound in the entire state, Dior is on pace to be one of the first artists to find a large audience outside of the local circuit. Combined with a strong work ethic and hunger to make the best music in Colorado, Dior has all the ingredients necessary to be the next big thing out of the Mile High City.


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Part of the LEGION crew, Sah.vvy has proven to be one of the catchiest vocalists in Colorado. With some of the best melodies to come out of the Box State, Sah.vvy also has an ear for production that is unmatched and this excellent combination of melodies and beats produces some of the state’s best music, hip hop or not. The future looks bright for this up & coming artist and it’s hard to picture a Colorado hip hop future without him.


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Full of soothing sounds and spacey atmospherics, the music that YaSi creates is some of the most noteworthy coming out of Colorado. Her R&B influence is apparent as her calming voice takes center stage in front of consistently excellent production. As Denver’s musical community continues to grow, we expect to see YaSi and her undeniable talent headlining the movement going forward.

Trev Rich

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The most prolific hip hop artist in Denver is without a question Trev Rich. The Cash Money signed rapper has been making waves with his polished sound, witty lyrics, and smooth flows, all of which are some of the best Denver has ever seen. Be on the lookout for Rich as he continues to grow a national fanbase and show the nation what Denver is all about.

Trayce Chapman

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Denver is full of upcoming hip hop talent but Trayce Chapman is an artist who stands head and shoulders above most rappers in the city. One of the most complete MCs in the entire state, Chapman is equipped with a variety of excellent flows, a consistently fantastic beat selection, and strong songwriting ability all of which set him apart from the crowd. This combination of skills has lead to Chapman being one of the city’s brightest stars and his recent project Exotic Birds has all the makings of a Denver classic.

Kayla Rae

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No Colorado hip hop or R&B artist has ever truly blown up but Kayla Rae might be the one to end that unfortunate trend. Rae has some serious skill and a voice that can match up with anyone in the industry, even its biggest stars. Her undeniable talent is finally getting recognized by some of the state’s biggest players and she is on pace to be one of Colorado’s premier musicians for years to come.


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One of the most talented artists in Colorado, Slouch has started making a name for himself through his unbelievably catchy music. With consistent collaboration with producer Slackbeatz, Slouch has honed in on one of the city’s most promising sounds, full of excellent vocals and spacey vibes. When it comes to Colorado artists who could hit the mainstream, Slouch has to be at the top of the list thanks to his easily accessible music and style.


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Some artists just have it. SIDMFKID is one of those artists and he has set Denver ablaze with a high energy, uptempo sound that has set himself apart from the rest of the crowd in the Mile High City. SID’s music is full of excellent production combined with an incredibly catchy and melodic flow which he brings to the stage for hyped up performances that get the whole crowd involved. When it comes to artists who are set to blow up coming out of Denver, SIDMFKID is one of the essential names.


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When it comes to the local Denver scene, SYSCO is a near legend. His hyped up performances and thumping music have made him a staple in the Mile High City and his dedication to building the hip hop community has helped him grow a robust, committed fanbase. His energy is hard to ignore and is in full effect every time he hits the stage, electrifying audiences even when he opens shows for bigger artists, gaining new fans with every track he performs. As the Denver hip hop scene continues to progress, look for SYSCO to be one of its leaders.


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Khaki is one of Denver’s most promising new artists thanks to his high energy performances and personal, hard hitting music. Part of the LEGION crew, Khaki has been building his skills for the past few years and is poised to be one of the Mountain West’s best hip hop artists. The hard work he’s been putting in is proof he has the mindset to succeed and put Denver on the map.


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  1. Raw Rap Relationship or TripleRRR.
    Crazy duo from CO. Best live performance in the state high energy and lyrics are off the charts


  2. Fuck y’all list. No Interstate Ike? You go 5-6 dudes on here that pay for advertising and marketing? GTFOH. Secondly-TO ALL WHITE RAPPERS. You can never express not understand the pain of being black so stop this 2Pac caricature bullshit.
    Thirdly- No G6? And you got motherfuckers on here got 1 or 2 songs on Spotify, Tidal, etc with fake streams and all friend fan bases. This is why Colorado has Whoop There it Is! as I crowning Hip-Hop achievement. People like this who write this garbage and artist on this list that aren’t authentic. Whatever happened to being dope? Or just being a musician or someone with a new concept to bring in to our lives? Fuck this fugazi-ass white boy based perspective, rmeat a dick from J.Megatron


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