Joints & Jawns Artist Profiles: Learn About This Colorado Event Series

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If there’s one thing we’re certain of at JIGGY Hip Hop, it’s that Denver rap is on the rise. While there are a variety of reasons for this happening, one big thing is the local scene putting together shows that highlight Mile High City artists, showing just how much talent is in the city. Joints & Jawns is one of these shows — actually a series of them — and has helped showcase dozens of up and coming artists that are trying to make names for themselves in the city. From bigger names such as AP to talented but less well known artists like Myell Westcoast, the concert series has unearthed some real musical gems and we’re looking forward to seeing who else they have in store for future events. Learn a little bit more about all the artists that came out for the 3 day event below and be sure to get ready for the next Joints & Jawns show.


One of the brightest stars on the Denver hip hop scene, AP has been holding the city down for years with excellent music and a strong presence. With a classic rap sound and impressive flows and lyrics, AP is set to be one of the city’s most recognizable artists and a key figure in its growth.

Trey Triple A

There are plenty of dope artists in the city, but Trey Triple A stands out thanks to his polished music and smooth delivery. Formerly a part of the duo KENANDRYU, Trey has since started focusing on his solo career and has a tape dropping in the coming months, which should include some of the best music to come out of the city.

Myell Westcoast

As the hip hop scene continues to take form in the Mile High City, new artists will become more and more common but not many will stick out like Myell Westcoast has. With personal lyrics and a smooth sound, Myell puts his heart into his music and it shows, making him one of the most promising artists in the city.

Aco Baby Sean

Dope. If there’s one word that should be used to describe Aco Baby Sean, that’s it and it becomes apparent almost immediately after listening to his music that he’s one of Denver’s most polished MCs. With excellent production choices, buttery smooth flows, and catchy hooks, Baby Sean’s sound is among the city’s best and his future looks very bright.

Kevin Cartoon

Finding a balance between lyrical content and catchy sounds can be difficult but Kevin Cartoon has done exactly that. His music is complete with 808 infused catchiness, an abundance of witty lyrics, unique diction, and creative flows, all of which have set him apart from the progressively crowded Denver scene.


Having a unique voice is an important aspect of being an MC and Dante (Dante ThatGuy) has one of the most interesting voices in the Mile High City. The deep, almost brooding presence he has on his music is undeniable and easily recognizable, allowing Dante to stand out no matter who he’s on the track with. This voice combined with strong flows and lyrics make Dante a premier artist on the Denver scene and a name to pay attention to going forward (we definitely will be).


As the Denver scene begins to come together, collaboration will be an important aspect of its growth. Taurean has helped embrace that collaborative spirit and has worked with some of the city’s most promising artists such as Jay Triiiple, Wicjones, and Ray Reed among others. We have a feeling Taurean is a name that will be regularly seen as Denver progresses.

DreCo Aco

Performing music isn’t an easy task and artists regularly have trouble bringing their music to life with their shows. DreCo Aco doesn’t have that problem and has proven that he can bring high energy and lots of passion to his performances. He’s a name to keep in mind as Denver’s scene continues to take hold.

Hanzo The Phantom

Intelligence in hip hop can be difficult to come by but Hanzo The Phantom takes pride in the smart music he makes. Steeped in geek culture and drawing off his experiences as an educated aerospace engineer, Hanzo has shown he can bring book smarts to his music in an authentic way that highlights his skill as an MC.


Some artists focus only on themselves and their music, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Jazz2Kool however has taken the time to help lift up some other artists who deserve shine such as Savage Tori. Combined with his own bumping music, this collaborative minded MC is sure to continue making moves behind the scenes and become a big player in Denver’s hip hop scene.

Kid Snap

An artist who is focused on mastering his craft, Kid Snap has been putting out quality music for years now and it’s clear he’s a skilled artist with a lot to offer. His deliberate approach to music is refreshing and he obviously tries to bring impactful emotion to his songs as he attempts to move his audience.

DJ Action

Being a DJ is no easy task but DJ Action has become one of Colorado’s premier disc jockeys. From providing sounds for Troy Ave to working with Denver’s most prolific promotion companies, DJ Action has made a strong career thanks to his skill and consistent work.

Dwoodz 2G

R&B infused hip hop is almost always dope and Dwoodz 2G does a great job of bringing the two genres together. With melodic flows and catchy hooks to match, Dwoodz’ music is a good example of what Denver has to offer.


Vibe setting music is a beautiful thing and Lo-Pez knows how to make it. His recent album Rejuvinated has plenty of melancholy production that is easy to kick back to and enjoy. Lo-Pez is another artist who has been a champion of collaboration and is a part of the Dream Is Grind Productions team along with Jay Triiiple, Taurean, and Chy Reco.


Denver hip hop is full of a variety of sounds but Dzaster stands out thanks to his hard hitting style. Tracks like Pressure show that Dzaster can bring authenticity and thumping beats to the table, making him an artist that has a collection of skills that can compare with the best in the city.

Flow Mane

It’s crazy to think all these artists came out for one event, but it’s just proof as to how much talent is in Colorado. Flow Mane is another artist who fits into the mix of talent and his precise flows, homegrown sound, and solid production selection have all helped him make a name for himself in the Mile High City.

Rooftop York

There aren’t many people who think of hip hop when they think of Denver but artists like Rooftop York are changing that mindset. One of the better MCs in the city, Rooftop has proven he has a heavy presence on the mic with songs like Low Grass being proof of his immense talent.

La Familia

Teamwork is a hallmark of the rap game and it looks like Denver is continuing that trend with La Familia. Comprised of LB Grind, Koo Qua, and Flamez Dorealla, this trio has come together for some solid music and strong presence on the Denver and Colorado Springs scene. While all three artists have quality solo music, be on the lookout for their combined force in the future.


It can feel like pure rapping skill is falling by the wayside these days, but artists like Namm are making sure it sticks around. Equipped with solid flows and music that is filler-free, Namm is showing that you can make fun, uptempo tracks while maintaining a skillset that any MC would be impressed by.

Dre Booth

There are some artists in Denver who are newer artists but are still linking up with all the right people and making all the right moves. Dre Booth is one of those artists and while he doesn’t have a plethora of music out at the moment, his appearance at Joints & Jawns is evidence that he has the connections to do big things.


Not every Denver artist reps the city, but that’s not the case with 2skii. It’s clear that 2skii is proud of where he’s from and his tape Real Denver is one of the most authentically Mile High projects to ever be released. There’s no doubt the scene will reward that hometown love as it continues to grow.

Chy Reco

The Mile High City knows a thing or two about cannabis and Chy Reco has embodied that hazy persona with tracks like SHMOKE becoming marijuana anthems. Reco doesn’t let the kush dampen his energy though and he constantly comes through with spirited tracks like BANG.

Kid Rado

Getting your name out to the masses is one of the most difficult things to do as a new artist but that hasn’t stopped Kid Rado from giving it his all. His music is dope enough to gain a strong following and with performances at events like Joints & Jawns as well as Coast 2 Coast, things are looking up for the burgeoning artist.

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