Denver’s SPECTREBEATS Gets Personal On New Project “VENGEANCE”


Music is often a cathartic experience for artists but SPECTREBEATS truly wears his heart on his sleeve for the entirety of VENGEANCE. Personal lyrics and densely melancholic production are hallmarks of the nine track project and SPECTRE showcases an array of talents. From singing to creating robust soundscapes to engineering songs, this tape is a full-bodied piece of work that is nearly 100% put together by SPECTRE himself which is an impressive feat in and of itself. The Denver songster’s highly interesting sound is an exercise of bringing emotions to life through catchy songs and unique composition which is evident throughout the tape. The combination of melodious, heavily filtered vocals and intimate lyrics creates a juxtaposition that keeps you coming back for more and shows that music can be ear catching without sacrificing substance. Check out all of VENGEANCE below and watch out for more from SPECTREBEATS as the Denver hip hop scene gets to understand his talents.

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