Colorado’s Vwillz Proves He’s One Of The State’s Most Talented Artists With “Back Then”


After we dropped our 50+ Best Denver Hip Hop Artists/Rappers list there were a plethora of new artists introducing themselves but very few caught our attention like Vwillz. His smooth R&B sound has provided some of Colorado’s best music over the past year and his newest track Back Then is a perfect example of his catchy style. Coming in at just under two minutes and complete with impressive vocals, solid songwriting, and excellent production, Back Then is proof of Vwillz’s talent and some of Colorado’s premier hip hop artists are starting to take notice of his skill. People like SHAAD THE WRITER, Sah.vvy, and DOOBIE DANX have all called on Vwillz to provide vocals on some of their best tracks and we expect to hear more dope collaborations from all these artists in the future. With some great music already under his belt, it’s looking like Vwillz will be one of the most prominent members of this new class of Colorado hip hop artists and we’re excited to hear more from him. Listen to Back Then below.

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