DNA Picasso Becomes A Colorado Rap Star With New Album “#ForTheRecord”

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 4.55.42 PM.png

DNA Picasso has been one of our favorite rappers in Colorado for some time now and we’re very excited that he’s dropped a great new project with #ForTheRecord. We had the opportunity to attend DNA’s listening party for the new tape and it was clear from the get-go that this was about to be some dope music. The vibe at the listening party itself was energetic and collaborative; it really felt like every individual there was genuinely excited to be a part of the movement and DNA delivered with a hyped up performance to go along with the new tunes. The artistic atmosphere at ABC Framing helped add some unique flavor to the whole event and the second DNA began performing it felt like the whole space started buzzing.

Once the album started playing it was clear this was some serious heat. Hard hitting beats and vicious flows were front and center right off the bat with Dope In The Booth and the energy continued for the entirety of the tape. With some of Denver’s best MCs featured on the tape as well, #ForTheRecord is a shining example of what the Mile High City has to offer. AP, Jay Triiiple, Aux Dior, and Trayce Chapman all make strong appearances on the project, showing Denver’s collaborative spirit is a growing strength in the city. While the features are definitely dope, DNA does a lot of heavy lifting himself and shows he’s one of the state’s most talented rappers. From his flows to his lyrics to his choice of production, DNA hit the mark with every aspect of this album and it should be considered a modern Denver classic, not only because it’s crazy dope but also because it serves as a brilliant snapshot of the scene as a whole. Listen to the entire album below and get in tune with DNA Picasso if you haven’t already.

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