The Conglomerates Showcase Helps Introduce Denver To Its Local Hip Hop Scene

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Bringing people together is a beautiful thing and The Conglomerates Showcase does a great job of helping introduce local talent to their city. The roster this time around was especially impressive and the good folks at RM3 (Rocky Mountain Music Management) seem to have found Denver’s hip hop pulse. Artists such as Rev Da IV are on the forefront of this new wave of Denver music and events like The Conglomerates Showcase and Joints & Jawns are the perfect places to get to know this burgeoning scene. Check out all the artists who performed below.

Rev Da IV

Not long ago, Colorado was looking for people to help bring the hip hop community together and show how much talent is in the state. One of the first people to start growing this recent energy felt in the Box State was Rev Da IV whose positive spirit has helped cultivate the collaborative mindset currently emerging. That energy is transferred to Rev’s music as well and songs like Better Days prove he has plenty of talent to share.

Nisha’ Rene

Sometimes it takes just one song to leave an impression. Nisha’ Rene’s track Sarcasm is one of those songs and it’s somewhat unexpected considering it only has a handful of plays on SoundCloud. The polished, jazzy sound Rene brings to the table is impressive and we’re looking forward to hearing more from her.

Dani (Li’l D)

Mostly a DJ, Dani has been making a name for herself with interviews and live performances. Even though she is mainly a DJ, she also puts out music and we’re excited to hear what she has in the vault.


From Cash Money AP production to viscous bars, Dzaster clearly has what it takes to be a prominent name on Denver’s hip hop scene. His recent album Anticipation Sells is proof of his skills and has some serious hits such as Uh Oh and Medicine. Be on the lookout for Dzaster as he uses his talents to blaze a trail in Colorado rap.

Rossi Rado

It can be hard to make a name for yourself in the hip hop world but Rossi Rado has been putting in the necessary work to make it happen. The Colorado MC has dropped a decent amount of music and also opened for the likes of Project Pat at the Roxy Theater which shows he’s making the right moves to get recognized. On top of that, Rossi Rado’s production choices have been on point as he’s called on the talents of producers such as Kid Ocean and Dope Boi among a few of others.

Item 9

Although his music may be hard to find, Item 9 has already started buzzing in Denver thanks to strong connections and live performances like the one he put on at this showcase. With the people he knows and the aesthetic he provides, Item 9 could be a much more common name in Denver.

Kidd Snap

Experience is an excellent teacher and Kidd Snap has plenty of it to share. The veteran MC has proven he has the skill it takes to make a name for himself in Denver and his purposeful approach to music will help get him there.

Jay Whit

Finding a comfortable, catchy, relatable sound is one of the most challenging things about making hip hop music and Jay Whit seems to have hit the spot with his rap/R&B fusion. His latest project, the Open Season EP, contains some smooth vocals and solid verses that highlight Whit’s talent and ability to come in strong with multiple styles.


Originally from New York City, FOFANA has since taken his talents to the Mile High City. With personal lyrics and a knack for storytelling, the burgeoning MC has found a new home in Denver and his presence is sure to be felt as he continues to release music. We’re excited to see what he has in store and will be following his musical career from here on out.

JoEL June

A Park Hill native, JoEL June has been rapping Denver for quite a while at this point. His recent tape The EPitome Of Groove is a solid example of what he has to offer and it’s exciting to have some homegrown talent hit the spotlight. Events like The Conglomerates Showcase and Joints & Jawns are perfect for these local artists and help introduce them to a wider audience.

Dymond Jay

Even though she only has a handful of tracks currently out, Dymond Jay has raw talent that could help her grow into an easily recognized name in Denver. Her ability to both sing and rap will help her while she makes a name for herself through solid performances and new music.

Spirit of SME

New to Colorado, Spirit of S.M.E. (Self Made Entertainment) brings an old school flavor to the Mile High City. While he doesn’t have any tracks out currently, his passion for hip hop is undeniable and his amiable personality combined with his clear love for music will help make him a key figure in Denver.

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