Mxlcxlm Z Sets High Expectations For New Tape “Reaping SZN” At Listening Party

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Photo via @visualsbyty @tysportraits

Everyone should get ready for Mxlcxlm Z. The Denver based MC blessed the city this past weekend with a preview of his upcoming tape Reaping SZN and the event he put on was one of the most authentic I’ve ever been to. Taking place at the Syntax Physic Opera, the listening party immediately had that home grown vibe thanks to the funky yet sophisticated atmosphere in the venue and Mxlcxlm brought that feeling to life through performances from himself and a cast of other local musicians.

The night started with Zanib who showed off her singing abilities with a handful of introspective, melodic tracks that helped introduce her sound to the audience in attendance. Her passion was obvious and this set definitely put her on our radar going forward. After her performance came sets from SPECTRE BEATS, Mike Rose, DNA Picasso, and Pittsburgh’s Ashadeep, all of who put on energetic, enthusiastic shows that got the crowd involved. While every artist hit their marks, the true showstopper from these opening acts was Anthony Scott’s daughter who did the cutest rendition of Michael Jackson’s Beat It that I’ve ever seen.

Once that cuteness overload was over, the main act was on the way: Mxcxlm Z’s Reaping SZN. After a brief introduction, things got started with some truly impressive music. Heavy, dense production from SPECTRE BEATS can be found on up to 9 tracks in the project and that bombastic style can be heard throughout the tape. Mxlcxlm’s talents are on full display throughout the project, showcasing his song writing skill and ability to create a cohesive, full bodied album. With highly catchy vocals combined with complex, fascinating instrumentation, Reaping SZN is looking like it will serve as a strong foundation for Mxlcxlm as he becomes a more well known name in hip hop.

Dropping October 31 (Halloween), this tape has the potential to unmask the Denver rapper/producer as one of the city’s most prominent underground stars. With features from artists like DNA Picasso and SPECTRE BEATS, Mxlcxlm has shown he’s linking up with some of the best talent in the state and they recognize the immense potential he has. If this show was any indication, Mxlcxlm Z will be a staple in Colorado for quite some time.

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