Upcoming Rapper Riaga Brings Impressive Flows To New Tape “Denver Lanes EP”


With Denver’s short history of hip hop talent, it’s always dope to see someone truly reppin’ the city to the fullest. Riaga has been proclaiming Denver as his own for a little while now and his latest project, the Denver Lanes EP, shows that he has some serious passion and skill to bring to the Mile High City. Full of deep, bumping production and impressive flows, the Denver Lanes EP might be some of Riaga’s best work to date. One thing that became clear on the project was that Riaga doesn’t want to pigeonhole himself to one sound. He comes in with some crisp lyrics, flows and production on tracks like John Lennon but switches it up nicely with a more smooth, R&B inspired sound on songs like Want Them Looking, which is proof that he has the ability to adapt to what’s popular in the game at the moment. Check out the entire project below and get in tune with Riaga.

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