[Premiere] Colorado’s TEJ Bursts Onto Scene With “BREAKFASTFORDINNER”


The more I learn about the Denver hip hop scene, the more I realize just how slept on it is. TEJ is the latest Colorado artist to catch my attention and his new project BREAKFASTFORDINNER is some of the best hip hop to come out of the state in a little while. Featuring a plethora of styles and sounds, the 9 track tape goes from catchy and upbeat to hard hitting while still maintaining that ear catching nature, showing that TEJ is one of the most versatile artists in the state.

Another thing that stands out on BREAKFASTFORDINNER is the chemistry between TEJ and producer Lucas DePante. The formidable duo managed to create a cohesive yet vibrantly eclectic project that is an excellent display of both artists’ skills and its clear they bring out the best in each other. DePante’s beats balance TEJ’s harmonic vocals and impressive verses with precision, making it obvious that this was a deliberate project with a thought out, thorough vision that hits the mark beautifully. Listen to all of BREAKFASTFORDINNER below and start paying attention to TEJ, he’s got the talent to be one of the state’s best hip hop artists.

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