[Premiere] Denver’s RAMOND Brings Honesty and Emotion to New Tape “SEEDS”

ramond album cover

With Denver’s hip hop scene progressing at a torrid pace, it can be difficult to know who to pay attention to and who is going to stick around for the long haul. RAMOND is definitely one of those artists. His new tape SEEDS is a perfect example of his abilities which include excellent wordplay, strong lyricism, and poignant topics. Full of personal and introspective themes, SEEDS provides a look into the mind of RAMOND and allows listeners to feel his joys, pains, and everything in between. The album deals with insecurities and successes with honesty, showing a depth of emotions that give a detailed look into RAMOND’s journey and future goals.

Tracks such as Balance prove that RAMOND can put these emotions to wax with solid execution and the whole project is full of some of the best lyricism and wordplay to come out of the Mile High City. RAMOND also called on a handful of dope artists such as J. Rich and Kayla Marque to showcase their talents and it’s clear there was a vision to be met on each track. The production is also solid and provides atmospheric sounds that match RAMOND’s emotions perfectly. Check out the whole tape below and definitely get in tune with RAMOND, I have a feeling he’ll be a more prominent name on the scene in the near future.

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