Denver Rapper Ramond Has His Sights Set on a Bright Future

Photo by Max Sassaman
Expansion and growth are integral aspects of Denver culture at the moment, and they have created a mindset that has helped progress the burgeoning hip hop scene in the Mile High City. One of the most prominent members of this freshly formed community is Ramond, a Denver native who has seen the city bend and morph into what it is today. While some people have found uncomfortability in the rapid growth, Ramond has embraced the change and is looking to bring that frontier mindset with him as he expands his sound and audience. After sitting down with him to discuss his future, it became clear that while Denver will always remain large in his heart, big things are in store for him beyond the city and the waves he’s making behind the scenes are soon to be felt in a strong way.

People with minds for music often found a love for their craft at a young age and find inspiration from their surroundings. Denver’s Ramond is one of those artists and he has been bringing authenticity to the Mile High City’s hip hop scene for a handful of years. From beatboxing in sixth grade to dropping his most recent project “SEEDS,” Ramond has been breathing hip hop for most of his life and has honed his craft into something deliberate and genuine. With strong roots throughout Colorado, Ramond has made an imprint in the scene like few other artists have so far, and he’s looking to continue his strong progress.

This impact and passion for the scene and his music may have been most evident when discussing his greatest accomplishment to date. Growing up in Denver, Ramond would go to the local Juneteenth festival with his dad and brother, which became a strong memory for him. He described the festival as “part of the culture for me growing up, it was right in Five Points, right in the city,” so when the opportunity arose for him perform there, he jumped at it. If performing at Juneteenth wasn’t enough, the opportunity also meant he got to open up for the legendary Jadakiss in front of 10,000 people. The moment’s gravity didn’t surpass Ramond and his family either. Before this performance, Ramond stated that his “grandparents had never seen me perform,” and one of the most important aspects of the whole experience was being able to bring his family together.

Even with incredibly successful and powerful moments such as his Juneteenth performance, Ramond remains humble in his approach to music and life. His sense of comfort in himself helps provide a refreshing outlook on success, and when asked about “making it” he expressed that he feels “made it is a concept for other people,” and that being able to provide for his family would be a watershed moment for him. This mindset influences his musical approach as well, and he has been very deliberate in what songs he releases and at what time. For example, the track Single was made three years ago but only appeared on his new tape SEEDS. This focus on sustained success and building something stable and honest comes across in his music and his vision for the future.

When asked about “making it” he expressed that he feels “made it is a concept for other people”

While Denver will always be home for the talented MC, Ramond has his sights set on new cities and new opportunities. From California to Texas to Europe, Ramond is looking to expand his reach and see just how much he can grow. Although the opportunities are exciting, the Colorado native makes it clear that he’s not leaving because he dislikes the city or state, saying “Denver is great,” and that he’s excited for what is happening on the local scene. He feels that it’s a sign of a healthy community when artists from other cities move into Denver to make a name for themselves, and he’s embraced the change that has come to the city. That being said, every artist has to grow and the strong connections Ramond has made in Denver should help propel him into a brighter spotlight.

From California to Texas to Europe, Ramond is looking to expand his reach and see just how much he can grow.

After years of experience in music, Ramond knows that having a strong team is a vital aspect of success and he seems to have found the right people to help man his ship. With assistance from media members such as Tim Gelt, Ramond has been making big moves behind the scenes to help secure a successful future. Through Gelt’s connections, Ramond was able to go to Dallas and record with two time Grammy winning producer Jon-John Robinson, who has worked with a wide variety of artists, ranging from TLC to Diana Ross. Experiences such as these are sure to become more and more common for Ramond as he strives for greatness and his talent gets more and more recognition.

With clear talent, impressive work ethic, strong vision, and an impactful team by his side, the next few years are looking promising for Ramond. With successful projects such as SEEDS under his belt already, the expectations for the Denver artist’s future are big, and they should be. As he broadens his horizons beyond his hometown, Ramond will surely take a piece of the Mile High City wherever he goes and show just how much skill the city has to offer. Who knows, he could be one of the city’s first artists with national reach.

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