Roc Nation’s Q Da Fool Speaks On Tour Life, ‘Bad Influence’ and More


The white floors glistened as clearly affluent guests wandered from the entrance of the hotel up to their rooms. Before even meeting him, one thing was clear; Q Da Fool has reached another level. While only in his very early twenties, the DMV artist already has accomplishments under his belt that many vets in the game have yet to achieve. From signing to Roc Nation to performing on a nationwide tour with Shoreline Mafia, Q has been making a name for himself thanks to his raw and real musical style and aesthetic.

It’s clear who Q is as soon as he enters the hotel. Rocking a fresh Puma camo jacket paired with some seriously glistening ice on his neck and wrist, his aesthetic was on point. His signature “100 Round Goon” chain dangled from his neck like an iceberg, which helped make his presence felt. After cramming into the elevator with Q and his crew, we headed to his room where our conversation began.

“Kenny [Beats], he cool, and he engineer too. He’s another type breed.”

Fresh off releasing “Bad Influence”, a collaboration tape with Kenny Beats, Q has seen his stock rise considerably over the past year. His favorite song off the project, “Had Shit”, touches on his ascent and Q describes it as “the realest track” on the whole project. With assistance from Roc Nation in connecting with Kenny Beats, it’s evident that the label has faith in Q’s skill and he’s delivered at every step along the way. Hard hitting and real tracks such as “Had Shit” have helped land Q opportunities such as touring with Shoreline Mafia. While this tour is his first, he already has a handful of others lined up in the coming months, proving just how quickly he’s entered the limelight.

introduction to tour life has already been memorable for Q. From Meek Mill bringing him on stage to performing for his homebase the DMV, there have been no shortage of unforgettable moments for the rising MC. When discussing the details, Q states that “even the security guards are lit!” showing that being on the road introduces you to some interesting people. He can add these experiences to his list of already remarkable stories, such as his studio session in New York with Casanova where the Brooklyn native jokingly ran into another artist’s studio

“He [Casanova] a good nigga… but he ran into another nigga studio and acted like he was gonna rob him or somethin’. It was a joke though. He funny as shit.”

While these experiences are hilarious and exciting, Q doesn’t let them define his life, as evidenced by his conversion to Islam. Even though it hasn’t impacted his music greatly, Q says it has “impacted my life a lot.” This juxtaposition between street life and spirituality has helped set Q apart from the crowd and seems to have allowed him to remain focused on his craft.

As he prepares to depart for the show, we snap some quick pictures and head out. When asked if there’s anything else he wants to add, Q doesn’t hesitate; “Colorado cold as shit!” The mid-April snowstorm outside confirms his statement. Leaving for the venue, it’s hard not to feel like stardom is just over the horizon for Q Da Fool. Maybe he’ll return to Colorado in better weather next time.

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