[Premiere] NTG Sound Makes His Presence Felt With New Project “Like Never Before”

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 6.45.52 PM

The 303’s hip hop scene is becoming more robust by the day, and NTG Sound is the latest artist to make his presence felt in the city. His new tape Like Never Before is a solid example of his skills, especially the title track and Pay The Price, both of which showcase NTG’s talent. Full of dope hooks and especially impressive production, Like Never Before does a good job of mixing the classic Denver hip hop vibe with fresh, unique sounds, making this a project Mile High hip hop heads will definitely enjoy. The diversity NTG Sound shows on the tape also caught our attention. From smooth soul samples in Like Never Before and The Old You to hard hitting tracks like 2 My Enemies and Bad Days, there’s something here for all types of hip hop fans, including some R&B inspired songs. Clutch George and Beeb both come through with some nice features, showing there’s even more talent to be uncovered in Denver. Check out the entirety of Like Never Before below and be sure to hit NTG Sound with a follow right here.

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