Stars Align For Denver/Dallas Hip Hop & R&B Group ARTARI As They Drop First Single, “Complicated”


Sometimes fate just has a way of bringing things together. The new Denver/Dallas R&B supergroup ARTARI can at least partially thank the stars for their creation, and their debut track Complicated is the product of both circumstance and hard work. The story behind ARTARI really started with MC Ramond and DJ Zenas’ connections to two-time-Grammy-winning producer Jon-John Robinson (who has worked with the likes of Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, TLC, KCi and JoJo, and Jon B.), and his multi-talented daughter TaiMarie. Meetings like this don’t happen randomly and it’s thanks to Tim Gelt, longtime Denver Nuggets PR Director and current manager of every ARTARI member, that this connection was made. During their first meeting in Dallas, which they dubbed a Music Retreat, the group made a clear connection and have since cultivated a burgeoning relationship that is sure to be the foundation for some impressive music.

This budding partnership has already showed promise and resulted in the idea behind ARTARI: a 90s-esque hip-hop/R&B group akin to The Fugees. Comprised of Ramond, DJ Zenas, and TaiMarie, this newly formed trio has the chemistry, experience, and talent to do big things while bringing back some authentic 90s vibes. One of the interesting parallels to The Fugees is that all three of these artists have their own budding solo careers (TaiMarie even made the cover art for Complicated), and Ramond can’t overstate how important the synergy between them is. When speaking on how the group came to be, Ramond states:

“We were all in synergy, connected. From me and Tim [sharing the same birthday] to Tim knowing Jon-John, two different, random connections, and Tim was able to just bring everyone together… then with Jon-John and all his connections, he’ll be able to roll it out on Sony Orchard… it’s just cool that we just sat down, and we just talked for about an hour and a half and got a feel for each other and then got straight into creating… that’s just synergy man.”

That energy led to Complicated, a smooth, classic R&B track that highlights the trio’s palpable chemistry. Produced by DJ Zenas and Robinson himself, this song is a robust, high quality introduction to ARTARI’s sound and proves undeniably that there is something special here. From Ramond’s excellent lyricism and flow to TaiMarie’s impressive vocal ability, this is a complete, high quality song with a lot to offer. With Robinson’s expertise and the symbiotic nature of the trio’s relationship, it’s hard to see anything but success in ARTARI’s future.

While Complicated is an exciting way to start, the group isn’t resting on this one song. They already have another recorded and have more in the works, so it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more from ARTARI in the coming months. Listen to the track below and be sure to keep in tune with this up and coming group.


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