Kent Washington’s “Year of the Pisces” is Full of Vibe Worthy, High Quality Music


Putting out music deliberately and making sure it’s high quality is an important yet often overlooked aspect of being an artist. Kent Washington doesn’t have this problem whatsoever and his latest tape Year of the Pisces is a shining example of his impressive music. From hard hitting bangers such as Chubby Kobe, Hoody Melo to more lowkey songs like The Wa(y)ves and Wake & Bake, there is a wide variety of sounds to be found here, but Washington manages to keep things cohesive and the project’s natural flow adds to the experience.

When it comes to Colorado artists who are poised to make some big moves in the not to distant future, Kent Washington is someone to be on the lookout for. His focus on making good, well mixed/mastered, fully fleshed out projects is sure to help propel him into a bigger spotlight. Listen to all of Year of the Pisces below.

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