Trev Rich Goes Back To The Basics On “NOVA”


Denver’s most prominent rapper is getting back to the basics. Trev Rich has made a name for himself through his high quality music and songwriting prowess, even getting nominated for a Grammy Award thanks to his skill. His music has also progressed with his fame, going from a more raw rapping style to the hit-focused sound that helped solidify his place in the music industry, but for his next tape, NOVA, Trev is bringing it back to where it all started. Dropping on April 9th, NOVA is a showcase of Rich’s talent on the mic, and he’s streamlined the project to make sure everything is complete and cohesive.

In order to create such a complete project, Trev decided to get his OG crew together, including producers Shark, Lust, Goddamn Dupri, 5280 Mystic, bLonko beats, and Beats By Win. While he may have employed a talented squad of beatsmiths, Trev only has one feature on the album, Denver’s own AP. When asked about why he went this route, Trev put it simply; “I like to put together the most complete project possible.” This focus on making a project, rather than a few songs for the radio, has been met with warm reception from those who have heard the tape, and Trev is planning on NOVA to propel him into a big Summer 2020.



Although the album is lacking the big features one might expect from Denver’s most prestigious hip-hop artist, it’s not an indication that Rich isn’t working with some well known names, and we could see the fruit of those relationships come to light sooner rather than later. Even with NOVA dropping, Trev is already looking ahead to the Deluxe edition (or NOVA 2, a decision hasn’t been made yet), which he says will highlight some of the work he’s been doing with artists outside the city. So who can be expected to make an appearance on the Deluxe edition? It’s hard to say, but Rich has been working hard behind the scenes with some major players in the game.

When looking at the past year in Rich’s career, it’s easy to see why NOVA is being highly anticipated. While his songwriting ability was always impressive, it wasn’t until June of 2019 that he signed to Pulse Music Group as a songwriter, but that’s not the only important development to occur in the past twelve months. Rich also worked with an A&R representative from Dreamville, culminating in him being a part of the Dreamville Rap Camp Recording Sessions. With NOVA being the first complete project he’s dropped since building these relationships and putting in all this work, his fans are expecting one of his best albums to date, and Trev knows he can deliver.

Be on the lookout for NOVA, dropping everywhere April 9.

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