Colorado Springs Artist Troy Good Is Making Waves As He Continues To Progress


16th Street Mall was buzzing with peaceful protests as Colorado Springs artist Troy Good stepped onto the pavement. Immediately, before our conversation even began, it became clear that a unique energy was present. With the backdrop of our meeting being an impassioned city coming together to fight centuries of oppression, the importance of the moment was apparent. Feet marching and protest chants became the soundtrack as we talked, and as Troy told his story it was evident that tumultuous times were nothing new for the Chicago born artist.

His journey in Colorado began in 2015, when he moved to the Springs in order to get closer to his mom. Prior to that time, Good experienced bouts of homelessness while living in Chicago after being kicked out of his parent’s home, and even moved to Tampa, Florida to pick up a job building trash cans. Once he decided to rebuild the relationship with his mom, he moved out to the Springs, only to realize things were not going to work out the way he had planned. The relationship didn’t become what he wanted, and he found himself back in Chicago, homeless yet again. After a few years of odd jobs and moving between The Windy City and other places, Good decided he was done living a transient life and wanted something more.


This need for change prompted another move back to Colorado Springs, this time to join the military. The stability and organization the military provides was appealing to Good, but his time there was short lived, and he found himself looking for answers yet again after getting relieved of his duties.


This time, Good turned to art. The day he left the military, Troy looked up the best studios in Colorado Springs and rapidly recorded his first single Bright Lights, which he released in October of 2018. With a quality song and video, Good started building some solid buzz in the Springs and saw his stock rise quickly across the state as he started getting booked for shows in Denver, opening up for national acts such as K Camp and YBN Nahmir. This lead to opportunities with Turnt Up TV and Top Flight and helped get his name into the ears of Denver’s influencers. He also got a bump in notoriety when he released a “diss track” aimed at some of Denver’s top MCs.

With his name growing in Colorado, Good felt that there was a chance to expand beyond the Box State, and he got that opportunity with a show in Chicago. After winning a contest put on by a promoter in Chicago, Troy got to open up for Lil Boosie and rub elbows with some of the city’s burgeoning influencers and tastemakers, which have already assisted him in further advancing his career. Before COVID-19, there were plans to open up for artists such as NBA Youngboy and travelling to various cities, all thanks to his experience with the Chicago show.


While COVID has put a damper on a few moves Troy was planning to make, this time has also given him a chance to show his strong leadership abilities. From starting a new painting business to organizing peaceful protests for the Black Lives Matter movement in Colorado Springs, he has been using his growing influence to create positive change in his community.


The music hasn’t completely stopped either. Good released a new track, Summer Tings, just the other day and it’s definitely a hit. In juxtaposition to the current times, the track is a feel good summer bop that is catchy and energetic with excellent production. With the work he’s putting in on multiple fronts, it’s easy to see why Troy Good will most likely come out of 2020 stronger than ever and poised to make a name for himself in Colorado and far beyond.

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