Denver’s MegaTron Spits Viciously on New Single “2 Minutes & 30 Seconds”

One of the hardest working artists in Denver, MegaTron has been dropping high quality music for some time now. His most recent single, 2 Minutes & 30 Seconds, is a showcase of his skills behind the mic as he tears through the beat with pointed lyrics and a solid flow to match. Coming in at just under three minutes, the Colorado rapper goes off for nearly the entire song, and his prolific ability to release dope tracks is one of the reasons he’s poised to be one of the city’s most recognized artists in the future. MegaTron was also part of Wale’s music video for Black Bonnie, proof that’s his reach goes beyond Colorado. Check out 2 Minutes & 30 Seconds below and be sure to keep an ear out for more from this Mile High MC.

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