WesDawg comes through with a complete, robust project in “Underdog 3”

Complete projects are not an easy thing to come across, but Denver’s Wes Dawg comes through with Underdog 3 a dope tape that is solid all the way through. From excellent production to WesDawg’s strong presence on each track, Underdog 3 is a showcase of the skills this burgeoning MC brings to the table.

From the first track, 4 AM, it’s clear that Wes has put in the work to make this one of his best projects to date. The somewhat spooky production on the opening song brings a brooding, almost menacing energy that is perfect for Halloween-time. This energy flows throughout the whole tape and proves that WesDawg had a vision in mind and executed it with precision.

While the whole project is under 20 minutes long, it’s full of music that will make listeners want more. Luckily for them, this is the third installment to the Underdog projects, and the first two absolutely deserve a listen as well.

Be sure to check out the whole project here and stay in tune for more from this dope Denver MC.

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