Cheyenne rapper 2une Godi is building a hip-hop bridge to Denver

Hip hop is all about building connections. From developing relationships within one’s own city to reaching out across state borders, every contact made is an opportunity to further artists’ music and careers. One of the most natural alliances to form in the mountain west region would seem to be between Denver and Cheyenne, Wyoming. Just north of the Colorado border, Cheyenne is just a stones throw away from the Mile High City, a proximity that can allow friendships and business partnerships to grow organically, and with few barriers. While the connection seems natural, Cheyenne’s 2une Godi appears to be the only hip hop artist taking advantage of these opportunities, but he has developed strong connections within the Denver hip hop community which has helped him reach beyond the lesser known scene in his home city. 

With his melodic rapping and solid choice in production, it’s apparent from the first listen that 2une fits in well with the artists in Denver. His most recent project, Sav Mode, is a good showcase of the talent 2une has, and it also highlights his ability to bring depth and complexity to his art. Named in remembrance of his friend Sav, 2une puts his heart into every song on the project and his emotions shine through for the entirety of the tape. This earnest and wholehearted approach to his music is already setting himself apart from the crowd, bringing an energy that is both genuine and entertaining. 

One of the most frequent guests on Sav Mode, and on 2une’s music in general, is his brother Trey Wrkz. The passion these brothers share for making music is palpable when listening to their collaborations, and the friendly competition they give each other clearly strengthens their art. Since the hip hop scene in Cheyenne isn’t very robust, the brotherly duel between these two has provided a framework for improvement and allowed them to grow into better artists despite the lack of a large community to gather feedback from. Coming from a musical family helped both artists explore their auditory world in different ways from their peers in Cheyenne, and it could be part of the reason the city’s hip hop scene begins to grow.

Another aspect of this growth will be because of the I-25 connection with Denver. Although artists in Denver may not see it this way, the city represents big dreams and aspirations for their contemporaries in Wyoming who don’t get to experience metropolitan life in the same way. 2une described the scene coming into Denver as if he was driving into New York City, full of skyscrapers and sparkling lights illuminating the sky, tangible proof of the culture and life held within the city.

It is because of this atmosphere that 2une finds himself in Denver on a near weekly basis, laying down tracks at Bright Future Media or just hitting the town. He’s even started convincing his friends and rap peers to make the short drive south in order to experience the Mile High City and build connections that could be fruitful for years to come. With his presence in the city growing, it looks like 2une will become more well known and finally start getting the recognition he deserves. While that will benefit 2une, it could also positively impact Denver artists who want to expand their fanbase.

Even though 2une is the lone artist from Cheyenne building the bridge to Denver, the relationship between Cheyenne and Denver should be a symbiotic one. While artists from Wyoming can seek bigger opportunities in Colorado, Cheyenne represents a stepping stone for Denver artists as well, and could serve as a jumping off point for touring artists in the Mile High City. It also is home to 65,000 people… 65,000 potential fans who could be seeking out local artists. Building this city-to-city relationship requires help from people on both ends in order for it to work, and it will be partially on the shoulders of Denver artists to help forge bonds with people like 2une who are showing just how much talent they have, and just how willing they are to integrate themselves into Denver’s scene.

Looking back in a few years might reveal that 2une was the first artist to bridge the gap between Cheyenne and Denver hip hop, as it seems likely that he will have people following in his footsteps. What that means for both hip hop scenes is nothing but good. More fans, more collaboration, more exposure, more money. It should be a connection that is enthusiastically built.

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