Kent Washington continues his ascent with headlining shows, Underground Music Showcase performance

Kent Washington gets intimate with the crowd at Lost Lake Lounge

Standing in the glow of Cochino Taco’s porch lights, Kent Washington began talking with the crowd he had cultivated after an intense, impassioned performance. Song after song Washington brought incredibly high energy. From running back and forth to jumping on benches to doing call and responses, the Colorado wordsmith showed he is one of the state’s must-see artists. Even passerby’s stopped to listen to the event, realizing they were witness to one of the best shows at the Underground Music Showcase.

Washington truly left it all on stage, and this was just nights after headlining a show at Lost Lake Lounge where he did the same. It’s easy to be a fan of Washington’s thanks to his uptempo swagger and personal connections he makes with the audience. He is unabashedly himself in every moment, and that genuine nature shines through in his music and on stage. Every show feels like Washington is reading from the diary of his life, letting fans in on his most intimate moments. This honesty results in a true connection with the audience; it allows Washington to conversate with people and make himself more than just another rapper.

His show at Lost Lake was a clinic on how to make that connection. The venue itself provides a close-knit atmosphere that Washington embraced by heading into the crowd from the stage, getting everyone involved with the music. His signature energy was present as well as he sprinted across the stage, sweat dripping from his forehead as he belted his lyrics into the mic. Washington ended up playing for over an hour, blessing everyone with songs from his new album IndigoSzn: 001, which sounds like his best body of work to date.

Both nights were sights to behold, and it felt like witnessing the rising of an artist with big things on his horizon. The way he built connections with new fans and knew his long time supporters proved that Washington knows being an artist is about more than just the art; it’s about the connections, the persona, the energy… and the art. People gravitate towards him for a reason. He’s the type of person that gains lifelong fans after just one interaction, and it is that ability which will help propel him into stardom.

The next few months will be big for Washington. He’s set to open up for Yung Bleu, has multiple headlining shows, and has been receiving well deserved acclaim for his new album. With everything he’s got cooking up, it’s looking like Kent Washington will be a name to keep an eye on in the near future, both within Colorado and beyond.

Thanks for reading and be sure to follow Kent Washington to keep up on the rising artist!

Kent Washington performing at Lost Lake Lounge

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